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  • Apptivate allows you to purchase iOS apps from the appstore without a credit card!
    You can buy your favorite app in two ways:
    1) Buy a prepaid card from Apptivate resellers.
    2) Buy using your Globe prepaid or postpaid SMS load.
           --  Type "APP < denomination of 100 or 200 >" and send to 2662
          --  Redeem your Apptivate coins here:
          --  Buy your favorite app now!


    Norris Jay Perez twitter_icon linkedin_icon
  • AVA.PH is the Philippines' premier shopping site for well-loved brands and experiences, curated by people who love to shop online.

    There are two ways to shop on AVA:
    1) Flash sales, where well-loved brands are on sale up to 70% off the retail price for a limited time. Sign-up to receive email alerts!
    2) Our online shop, where you can browse through a unique selection of apparel, accessories, shoes, homeware, and even lifestyle and destination packages that we super-love ourselves.

    In AVA, these are your payment options -- from credit cards and Paypal, to bank transfers and cash-on-delivery. And since we're 100% online, we have new brands coming out every week. Shop now!


    W Oliver Segovia linkedin_icon
    Franz Nicholas Alfonso linkedin_icon
    Nat Segovioa linkedin_icon
    Raphael Francis Quisumbing twitter_icon linkedin_icon  
  • BagoSphere is a vocational training company for rural youths to gain quick access to employment.

    BagoSphere provides a unique combination of communications, critical thinking, and life skills training in just two months.  With these skills, the rural youths become skilled communicators, thus becoming highly desired by the call center industry in the Philippines.

    With a success rate of over 80%, BagoSphere's program enables rural youths to experience a seamless transition from training to working in a multinational company.

    Interested? Check them out now.


    Zhihan Lee linkedin_icon
    Ellwyn Tan linkedin_icon
    Ivan Lau
  • FourEyes offer quality eyewear to Filipino consumers at the most affordable rates through its eCommerce store.

    Prescription glasses, sunglasses, and computer glasses can be tried at home using their Home Try-On feature, or through Virtual Try-On in their website.

    And because they own the supply chain - from assembly to delivery of the end product - their pricing is extremely low, yet substantially profitable.

    Try on a pair now! Once you've confirmed an order, FourEyes will automatically donate a pair on your behalf. Four Eyes (2 Feb 2015)


    Pavan Challa twitter_icon linkedin_icon
    Jiten Lalwani twitter_icon linkedin_icon  
  • Christmas may be over but Filipinos' generosity is never seasonal.

    Invite your family and friends to help you with your gift-giving for someone special via Gift Launcher. Register here: #everyonegives
    GiftLauncher Promo Poster (7 Jan 2015)


    Kenneth Reyes-Lao twitter_icon linkedin_icon
    Sheila Jocona twitter_icon linkedin_icon
    Issa Reyes-Lao  
  • Founder/s

    Ron Baetiong twitter_icon linkedin_icon
  • Kalibrr is building the world's first Massive Open Assessments & Training geared towards the BPO industry. Kalibrr helps candidates qualify for jobs and delivers pre-qualified talent at scale to participating companies.

    Kalibrr aims to create economic opportunities through learning and employment, and to help close the global skills gap.

    View jobs available in Kalibrr!   Kalibrr (2 Feb 2015)


    Paul Rivera twitter_icon linkedin_icon
    Dexter Ligot-Gordon linkedin_icon  
    Danny Castonguay twitter_icon linkedin_icon  
  • Founder/s

    Richard Eldridge twitter_icon  
    Jeff Stewart twitter_icon
  • The cries of a million abandoned diaries and journals are finally heard!

    Lifebit offers a game-inspired social diary: Path + Foursquare for urbanites - - now free to download for both iOS and Android users.

    What's so nice about Lifebit:
    1) Richly detailed updates - - every update can have a mood attached to it, location, custom date and time.
    2) Two cameras in one - - landscape or square cam where you can mix and match the tilt-shift, filter, overlay, and frames.
    3) Public to private - - share bits of your life to followers or everyone or just keep it to yourself.
    4) Doodle it! - - For moments where whipping out a camera is inappropriate or just a more creative way of posting an update.
    5) Level up your passion - - From cooking to mountain climbing, passions become badges that you can level up and meet new people.
    6) Questing life - An endless list of quests awaits you inside the badges. Have fun, get points and go up the scoreboard.

    Download it now!


    Eric Clark Su twitter_icon linkedin_icon  
    Blue Jayson Basañes twitter_icon linkedin_icon  
    Andrew dela Serna twitter_icon linkedin_icon
  • mClinica's Mission: Create a digital infrastructure connecting pharmaceutical companies directly to pharmacies to make healthcare better for the patient.

    Piloted in the Philippines in view of the high prices of medicines, a highly-fragmented status of independent pharmacies, and data scarcity, mClinica now has a growing network of over 1400 pharmacies nationwide on its platform and access to over 20 million customers.

    Translation: One in every two independent pharmacies in the Philippines is now part of mClinica, making it the largest pharmacy network in the country. So connect with them now and be part of this new healthcare retail experience!   mClinica


    Farouk Meralli twitter_icon linkedin_icon
  • Medix is an easy-to-use, convenient, and fully-featured online dental office system that seamlessly marries dental practice management with confidential patient clinical charting.

    So whether you are a DENTIST looking for dental practice management systems that simplify billing and scheduling for patients; or a PATIENT who constantly wants updated on his/her next dental appointment or know the location of a dentist nearest you, Medix is a full-featured web-based dental office system that is accessible from any computer anytime!

    Now dentists will have their own "online organizer" while patients can quickly inquire their dental concerns, leaving everyone with plenty of reasons to smile about." Medix (2 Feb 2015)


    Marc Medina twitter_icon linkedin_icon
  • MyLegalWhiz (MLW) is an innovation in mobile research and technology. It provides a dynamic and professionally curated legal research database that is accessible not only on personal computers but also for smartphone and tablet users.

    MLW organizes topics in real-time and allows you to recommend new legal principles and terms to be included in your mobile updates!


    Dexter Feliciano linkedin_icon
    Katherina Chua  
  • Peekawoo is a digital dating platform for the millennials!

    It creates opportunities for singles to meet new people, make friends and find potential dates without the hard-sell approach of established online dating sites and more consistent with Asian values.

    SIGN UP now! Peekawoo Ad (2 Feb 2015)  


    Arabelle Balace twitter_icon
    Valenice Balace twitter_icon linkedin_icon
  • Ritmo Learning Lab is a social enterprise that develops alternative, engaging, and culturally-relevant learning tools.

    Ritmo's first kit, JOOMA JAM VOL. 1 was created for grown-ups and their kids aged 3-7 years old with lessons like Colors (by Barbie Almalbis-Honasan and Julianne Tarroja), Saving Money (by The Dawn), and Making Friends (by The Itchyworms), and other songs by artists such as Gary V, Jolina, and Rivermaya.

    JOOMA JAM Vol 1 comes with a fun manual and one music album filled with 9 songs by contemporary Filipino musicians. A song can be played in English and Filipino for a total of 18 tracks, and is accompanied by a lesson plan with recommended activities and resources to best teach your child the concepts from the song. Joomajam (2 Feb 2015)


    Carisse Escueta twitter_icon linkedin_icon
    Vin Dancel twitter_icon linkedin_icon
    Rory Morales-Gutierrez twitter_icon  linkedin_icon
  • A better way to get around!

    Tripid gives everyone the convenience of a taxi without the high expense nor suffer again long lines, crowded trains, or multiple transfers just to get to your destination.

    What do you get:
    1) As a DRIVER -- Transform empty car seats into prime real estate waiting to be rented out to interested passengers.
    2) As the PASSENGER  -- An alternative way to commuting to work with the same convenience of a taxi but without the high price tag!

    Sign up now!


    Michael Ngo Dee twitter_icon linkedin_icon
  • Discover new places, local food, hidden shops and immerse like a local as you explore itineraries, travel tips, and reviews from fellow travelers. Save ideas for future trips and make it your own to share.

    Interact with the community of wanderers by sharing travel highlights, do's and don'ts, insider information, and getting there the quickest, most comfortable, and cheapest way possible.


    Rachel Jaro twitter_icon linkedin_icon
  • Buying a home in the Philippines is a long and complicated process. Now, finding your dream home is only a click away.

    At, we accommodate each and everyone's lifestyle requirements. Whether you are buying, renting, or selling, we'll take care of you. Our team understands the market and we make it our priority to help you achieve and look for your new home.

    OUR GOAL - is an advanced and easy-to-use online website and we are constantly upgrading our system to provide more tools and features than anywhere else on the internet.


    Karla Cachola twitter_icon linkedin_icon
    Ashier de Leon twitter_icon linkedin_icon
  • WorkInspire is an email-driven collaboration solution designed for full project cycle support, thereby increasing productivity in your workplace.

    How it works:

    Organizes your emails - - swiftly organizes your emails to tasks and prints them out as a timesheet.

    Task collaboration  - - share your tasks with anyone in the world, they don't need to be a member of your team.

    Timesheets and invoices  - - tracks team hours accurately that can be generated into an invoice in no time.


    Christian Blanquera linkedin_icon
    Sam Balignasay-Blanquera linkedin_icon
  • ZAP introduces shoppers to a world of rewards while giving brick-and-mortar brands valuable business insights using nothing but customers' mobile phone numbers.

    ZAP users can earn 5% - 20% Cash Back points by entering their mobile number at our ZAP terminals located at partner merchants - - dine/shop to accumulate points to pay for future purchases!

    In exchange, merchants get valuable customer behavior data, which they can use to create promos for specific audiences.

    Sign up for a FREE account and start earning points today!
    ZAP Tag


    Terence Lok twitter_icon  linkedin_icon
    Dustin Cheng linkedin_icon
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    Angelique Uy linkedin_icon