The doc is in! Examining the state of #healthtechPH

Last year, December 17 2014, we held our very first HealthTech Forum in A Space in Makati City. We gathered awesome speakers with topics centered around innovations in the field of healthcare. Better said: how can we apply technology to improve or change the way we deliver healthcare.

Kickstart invested in two HealthTech Startups: mClinica and Medix. We share their vision that Healthcare is ripe for disruption.

Further, emerging markets like the Philippines are in an unique position to be the testing ground for innovative and new models in the Healthcare sector. Hence, our very own backyard is the perfect playground.

Will Greene, one of our esteemed speakers, also wrote a nice summary about the event on his personal blog.

In case you didn’t make it (you missed out big time), we’ve thoughtfully arranged video  recordings for all speakers with their respective decks.

Our first speaker Paolo Borromeo – Group Head of Corporate Strategy and Development at Ayala Corporation, provided the 10,000 feet view on the healthcare ecosystem in the Philippines, best described as : abundance of opportunities!

His presentation is available here.

Paolo was followed by Eric Schulze, Founder & CEO Lifetrack Medical Systems. Eric was talking about the amazing stuff they are doing at Lifetrack. You can read more about his Startup here.

The presentation is available here.

Third speaker of the morning was William Greene, writer for Techonomy, Southeast Asia Researcher and Digital Strategist at Tigermine Ventures. He serves as mClinica’s Asia-Pacific Business Development Adviser.

Farouk Meralli, the Founder and CEO of mClinica followed with insights on the opportunities and challenges in the HealthTech ecosystem.

Farouk’s presentation can be found here.

The last speaker of the event was Jay Fajardo, CTO and Founder of Medifi – a Startup facilitating on-demand online medical consultations (between patients and doctors).

The presentation can be found here.

The questions raised during the presentations and the following networking session made it more than clear, we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg, in terms of what can be done when you combine technology and healthcare.

We are looking forward to see you at the next HealthTech event. If you wanna reach out to us and pitch your awesome idea or Startup that will change the way we think about Healthcare, just reach out to us here.