Healthcare is changing dramatically. Find out how and why.

On June 29, Goldman Sachs for the first-time ever published a comprehensive report on the potential impact of the next wave of digital healthcare on the United State’s overall healthcare sector.

A key statement from the Business Insider article: “Goldman analysts predicted that digital healthcare will revolutionize the industry, both by increasing access to diagnostic, treatment, and preventative care, and by dramatically reducing costs.”

In summary, the report outlines that a healthcare revolution is inevitable and could potentially save the US $300 billion alone. Yes, that’s a 300 followed by 9 zeros. One can assume that this number reflects potential savings over a span of years, again, for the US alone!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world in Emerging Markets like the Philippines, it is not just about potential savings the arrival of digital healthcare could provide, but more about access (besides affordability) to any kind of healthcare for a large and underserved population.

Typically, topnotch hospitals providing state-of-the-art healthcare are geographically as well as financially out of reach for a majority of the population in emerging markets like the Philippines. However, rapid advances in digital healthcare could very well  bridge these gaps such as giving people access to doctors through telemedicine and remote diagnosis. Also, the increasing number of low-cost smartphones in Emerging Markets opens up new alleys to make quality medical advice swiftly available anywhere in the Philippines.

Serendipitously, we held our 2nd HealthTech Forum here in Kickstart@Paseo just a day after Goldman Sachs released their report.

Our guest speaker last June 30th was Julien De Salaberry – the founder of The Propell Group, a boutique venture investor and advisory firm based in Singapore focused on HealthTech; they have over 15 years of experience in healthcare with leading brands Eli Lilly, Boston Scientific, Baxter, GSK, Merck&Co, among many others. Julien also serves as advisor to startups and incubators in healthcare and technology in emerging high-growth markets and being a private investor in early stage and promising SMEs.

He gave a fantastic overview on the HealthTech trends in the region as well as on a global level. Wanna find out what are the hot topics for HealthTech investors in the region? Come check out our video of Julien’s talk as well as his presentation slides below.