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Raid-The-Fridge-Logo-Vertical-Full-Colour-on-L-or-M-BGKickstart organizes a monthly community networking event, #raidthefridge, for founders, investors, corporates, and everyone else interested in the Philippines’ growing startup scene. The process is simple: we fill our fridge with drinks, order up some chow, and invite everyone over to help us empty the fridge, usually on the last Thursday of the month (except for December). The following month, we start all over again.

Where to #raidthefridge, and why

Most times, we raid our own fridge here in Kickstart@Paseo. Twice, we’ve left our backyard and ventured with #raidthefridge to a beach in Cebu, and to the FutureNow offices on Jupiter Street. Aside from laying out good food and drinks, we also invite a speaker each time to share experiences and thoughts with the crowd, and to take questions. We’ve had startup founders, global company execs, captains of industry, and innovation thought leaders talk about their ideas here. They’ve shared great insights. And they’ve stimulated some pretty intense Open Forum discussions!

The bottom line

Over the years, we’ve raided the fridge more than 20 times. Entrepreneurs have debated strategists. Founders have met co-founders here. Startups have pitched to investors. Venture funds have found deal flow. Visitors have gotten a sense of the community’s energy. Newcomers have made new friends. And media has scooped some great stories here. We think we’ll continue with this gig in the years to come. It’s a keeper, don’t you think? It works for pretty much everyone. Plus, quite honestly, it’s a lot of fun! And hey, free beer. What’s not to like?

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